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Wolfie connects your business with your potential customers on a real-time basis.
As part of Wolfie, you are a part of the family that includes thousands of businesses across the country.


Wolfie connects your business with your potential customers on a real-time basis.

As part of Wolfie, you are a part of the family that includes thousands of businesses across the country. You have joined the hyper-local marketing revolution that is sweeping the nation!

But what does that mean to your business specifically? Simply put, you will find new local customers, the ones that search for your exact product / service, connecting you with them instantly and free! There is simply no better formula for profitable local marketing with no upfront expenses!

Wolfie customers look for businesses that match their specific interest and location. They want a good deal at that precise place & time, and you are finally able to present that good deal to them just when they are looking for it!

Wolfie connects your business with your potential customers on a real-time basis.

Enjoy the experience!

Tech Stack.

Back-end: C#, .Net Core, PostgreSQL, Docker.

Mobile: Flutter, BLoC, MobX.

Services: Firebase, Google Maps, Google Geocoding API, Google Places API, Swagger, Facebook API.

Our Role.

UX/UI Design, Mobile Development, Web Development, Project Management, QA, DevOps, Support.

The Challenge.

  • Our main task was to create a cross-platform application that would feel natural on both platforms—iOS and Android. In addition, the app should combine two types of accounts at once: regular user account as well as business account.

    Users should be able to search for offers by category, distance from themselves and more.

    When a user finds an offer that interests them, they receive a coupon for that product and can then redeem it.

    The user should be able to view their coupon history and switch between accounts, or create a new account if they don't already have one.

    Business account users should be able to add their shops, create, edit and delete offers, activate coupons by user ID—among other functions.

    To simplify the registration process, we added several options for automatic authorization using third-party user accounts—such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

  • An important part of our user experience was to allow users to search and filter business offers by category or nearby distance. So we used Google API to display offers within a certain radius around the user—and their corresponding distances away from them.

    To make it easier to find the right business offers, we added tags and a feature that allows users to filter results by business categories.

    This made it possible to give users a simple and intuitive way to find the offers which best suited their needs.

    One of the additional requirements of the customer was to create a web admin panel for the owner of the Wolfie Deals product, with the following features: viewing and blocking/unblocking businesses and their offers, viewing and blocking/unblocking ordinary users, managing business categories and FAQ.

Project Management.

  • After an initial assessment, we broke the project down into five main blocks: user authorization; functionality for customer account; functionality for business account; mechanism that would allow switching between accounts; web admin panel for Product Owner.

    In accordance with the Scrum methodology, we divided our project into two-week sprints. At the end of each sprint, we checked our work with the Product Owner and made changes if necessary so that planning could be done well in advance for upcoming sections of code to be implemented.

    Because the team did its best to keep the product owners happy and satisfied, it was able to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.

  • The workflow involved five iterations:

    • Users authorization;
    • Functionality for customer account;
    • Functionality for business account;
    • Mechanism that would allow switching between accounts;
    • Web Admin panel for Product Owner

Key Features.

  • Search and filter business offers based on user location.

    With the application, ordinary users can quickly register, give access to their geolocation and search for business offers nearby by filtering them by distance, tags and business categories. After searching, users can view detailed information about business offer and easily get coupon for discount.

  • Promote your offers by setting up a business account.

    Business owners can create their own account and create their business offers, add tags for better search as well as other additional information. They can also choose the areas in which they work and list their location.

    After creating an account, merchants can add a store with its location, create business offers and manage them. They can also see the history of their offers and start encouraging users to redeem coupons for their products/services.

  • Manage Users and Businesses, business categories and FAQs with Web Admin Panel

    The web admin panel for the Wolfie Deals product owner allows him to: view and block/unblock businesses, view and block regular users, manage business categories and FAQs.


  • Cross-Platform Mobile App

    The application's design and functionality are uniform across both the iOS and Android platforms.

  • Responsive Design

    The application is designed to adjust to different screen sizes, from the iPhone SE (which has a tiny screen) through large tablets.

  • The product was completed on schedule

    We always strive to be timely in our actions because each customer has individual timelines and goals for their business.

  • Satisfied customer and positive feedback on Clutch.

    We have focused on exceeding the expectations of our customers and we are now reaping the benefits of having a loyal, satisfied client base.

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