Whats the process?

  • 01 Idea.

    A well thought out idea is all we need to start.

  • 02 Analysis.

    Analysis of your idea from a technical point of view

  • 03 Planning.

    Creating a work plan according to the Scrum methodology

  • 04 Design.

    First sketches, approval and final verified result.

  • 05 Dev&Testing.

    The main part of the product development cycle, the implementation of the functionality of the idea and testing according to best practices.

  • 06 Custom Event Analytics.

    Upon request, we develop custom analytics based on user actions in the product for a better understanding of your product and marketing

  • 07 Product Release.

    Publication of the product for a wide audience.

  • 08 Support.

    Once a product is developed and released you receive unlimited product support.

Already have an {idea}?

Your documented idea is all we need to get started. Leave your application and our Business Development Manager will contact you. Bring your ideas into reality with WayLogy.

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